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Wellness & Beyond offers something for everyone ! A place to learn, grow and explore aspects of your of personal and spiritual unfoldment . Need insight and clarity ? Not sure what services would suit you best ? Feel free to contact us directly for a free 15 minute consult. Warning ! It may change your life.

" It's been over a year, Agnes's insights have given my business a whole new twist - attracted a fresh wave of clients. I highly recommend her consults not only for business purposes but...
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Good health is one of the most important treasures in our life. Learn to reclaim your health and vitality with us. Personalized & comprehensive consults for the physical being in you.


The mind is the builder. What will you build, create or manifest. Opportunities are limitless and yours to own. Better health, emotional wellbeing, greater confidence, clarity and inner peace. Isn`t it time.


Get to know your Spirit - your inner navigator, the force within that has the power to help you achieve your greatest dreams. Clear the old, make space for the new; gain insight & clarity today.

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